Company Philosophy

Every employee takes pride in his job and strives for better developments and higher achievements.
By aiming at high targets, our employees contribute to the society, and attain happiness in both spiritual and material aspects.

Strive to provide opportunities for employees’ continuous growth, achieving enterprise’s target of sustainable development.

Promote mutual understanding of culture and practice among countries and districts.
Through business partnership corporation, both locally and internationally, we aim at contributing to the harmonious developments of the entire global society.

Brand concept Colorful World,Explore Ideas

“Dedicate ourselves to continuous creativity”, this strong belief and passion keep us generating creative ideas and turning them into touching real products.
Through persistent explorations, we created multimedia interactive video catalog and other presentation tools for medical industries.

These tools help to facilitate the communication between medical practitioners and patients, promoting a better interaction and exchange.

Our colorful world composes of a great diversity of languages, music, art, thinking and values.
Together with human wisdom and brilliant sensations, these diversified elements are being well cultivated and developed.

Colorful World, Explore Ideas

Henceforth, Earth Trek, as our innate incentive and ultimate mission, we will continue to devote ourselves in the journey of creativity,
aiming to enrich our wonderful world with more happiness & surprises.