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Medical Communication Support Business (MCS)

The number of aged people keeps uprising worldwide, thus the demands to medical organizations and practitioners increase every year. Aging problem is gaining more attention in the society and has become an important social issue across countries.

Our company endeavors to offer solutions to medical organizations, aim at enhancing its corporate value in different forms.
Shortage of medical practitioners is mainly due to its highly-refined procedures and complexity of on-site medical scenarios.

To tackle this problem, we offer solutions on:

  1. Products and services that help to reduce unnecessary manpower waste internally and those which can promote high efficiency working environment.
    If the manpower resources can be properly allocated, then they can reserve more time and effort on patients, thus enhancing patients’ satisfactory levels.
  2. In respect to pharmaceutical companies and medical organization, how to deliver messages to patients precisely and completely is always the top priority.
    By applying our digital medication guidebook (video catalog), patients can have a better understanding on the products and services and participate more in the medication process.

Project Introduction

Mixer with Timer alert

There are many ways to mix the medical powder or liquid into one, for example, nurse/ medical practitioners mix it manually by hand. Yet, people may easily get tired after some time and there is chance that the mixture cannot be dissolved well. Mixing speed also varies among people. The mixture may appear to be different every time.

In medical aspect, it requires accurate time count for every mixing. Some medicines may require mixing for 15 seconds, wait for 5 minutes, then continue with the second mixing. It may take a few cycles before the medicine is properly mixed and prepared. By human effort, there is chance that the time count is not accurate or people may forget the alarm alert and have delay in some cycles.

In this case, a medical mixer, with program and alarm pre-set, it offers a solution to the issue. Time check is precise and the medicine can be evenly mixed every time.

Hospitals/medical practitioners comment that now they are worry-free about the mixing time and the quality of drug mixtures. They can now have more time on patients and do welcome pharmaceutical companies equip a medical mixer when mixture form of drug is used. The overall medication quality is improved.

Video Device

Chronic disease patients often need to do self-injection at home. Doctors always need to spend long time, up to 20-30mins, explaining to patients how they can do the DIY injection accurately and precisely by themselves. Yet, it is too time-consuming for doctors to explain to every single patient the whole day, and without any missing details.

From the angle of patients, they can now study and refresh the benefits of medicines/injection with our video catalog. Once they understand the whole procedures clearly, they will be confident in applying this medication, and could help smoothen the process of medical treatment.

By applying this video catalog, doctors could deliver message to patients accurately and precisely; while patients can read and study the contents based on personal needs, improving doctor’s efficiency and enhancing patients’ overall satisfactory level.

Nebulizer simulation models/ insulin pen simulation model

For chronic diseases like asthma or diabetes, to relieve the discomfort or as part of the treatments, patients need to apply instant nebulizer or do injection on daily basis. These DIY medical treatments require some techniques or practices before real application.

Our nebulizer models help patients familiarizing themselves with the in-take and breathe-in procedures before applying the real nebulizer. After several practices, patients are usually confident to apply the medication without any problem.

Same case applies to diabetes patients. They need to do self-injection daily at home which accounts for part of the medical treatment. With our simulation insulin pens, they can now simulate and practise the injection angle/position/method on their own. Economically, it saves unnecessary cost of drugs wasting deal to improper application. From patients’ angle, this customized tool eliminates their fear or worries and make sure they clearly understand the whole procedures beforehand.

Patients welcome the introduction of these educational tools, they find it very useful and help to release their worry before starting real treatments. The ultimate purpose of these practicing tools is to reduce overall medical cost and improve medication efficiency, which are beneficial to all parties including pharmaceutical companies, hospitals as well as on patient scale.

Earth Trek’s mission is to assist medical practitioners promoting their work efficiency. We will continue to look into the needs and voice from on-site and develop suitable products and services that fit.

Healthcare Business

To ensure the smooth operation of medical insurance system, and to improve population’s health standard, how to sustain a healthy life has become a critical social topic.
Through the introduction of healthcare business, we hope to raise peoples’ awareness to re-examine the importance of health, considering more healthy elements in our daily life.
“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” By Aristotle To achieve “Happiness”, the main element is “Health”, this consists both “body health” on physical level and “mental health” on spiritual level. Earth Trek, through our healthcare business section, we devote ourselves in these 2 aspects and strives to contribute to human social developments. 

Investment on Design Supple(株式会社デザインサプリ)is one of the key project in healthcare business.
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