Privacy Policy

Our company strictly follows the laws, regulations and related policies on personal data. In respect to this issue, we have implemented below protection directions and have informed all staff to properly protect customers’ personal information.

1.Collection, Use and Supply of Personal Data

To facilitate the project development process, we will obtain only the necessary parts of personal data through legal and fair means. Data collected will not be used other than the specified purpose.
※ To obtain these personal information, sometimes we try to approach legal entities by phone calls and emails to conduct new product introduction and interviews or surveys.
※ Sometimes we approach individuals to conduct new product introduction.

2.Management of Personal Data

We strive to enhance our protection policy, and make sure personal data will not be illegally accessed, damaged, modified and disclosed. We will examine the usage of personal data, if it is confirmed that the data will not be used within this purpose, we will conduct non-recovery delete on these information.

3.Respect of Personal Rights

If customers request to disclose, modify and delete his own personal data, or do not agree to offer or prohibit the use of personal data, we will respect his rights and sincerely conduct the appropriate measurements.

4.Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

Without the consent of customers, we will not offer any personal information obtained to any other third parties.