Medical communication support

Medical Communication Support Business

We are a group of companies that solves problems in the medical field through manufacturing.
We are a group of companies that solves problems in the marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies by manufacturing products.

Our [Medical Communication Support Business] is to connect pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals, patients and their families with peace of mind and trust.

We develop and provide products and services that contribute to the creation of an environment in which patients and their families can proactively understand and tackle diseases and treatments (improvement of quality of life) by delivering important information related to medical care and treatment to patients and their families in an “accurate” and “uniform” manner.

5 Reasons to Choose Earth Trek

  • 01

    We handle product planning, development, design, and manufacturing in a single integrated manner

  • 02

    Achievements in self-injection related materials: 30,000 units per year, currently over 400,000 units

  • 03

    Videobook Sales Results

  • 04

    Identifying needs and solving the problems and issues of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, and patients with our products

  • 05

    Numerous achievements in self-injection related materials


We create an environment where healthcare professionals can focus on essential "treatment" and patients can positively understand and work on their medications and treatments.