Healing power for patients
Support your brain and heart

Realizing medical treatment using VR at home

You can receive support at home for a variety of purposes, including sleep support, pain relief, and dementia prevention. By linking with a smartphone app, you can share your mental and physical conditions with medical professionals in real time.

Features of SOOTHMATE

The product has already completed clinical trials in China and has obtained numerous patents and utility models. Certified as a medical device.

  • Invention patents…2件
  • Utility model…5s

*It has not yet been certified as a medical device in Japan.

Improvements in daily life demonstrated by over 200 proven cases

The results of a clinical trial in China reported that the use of medical VR alleviated chronic pain, relieved stress in daily life, and improved the quality of sleep.

From the brain and heart to the body
Approaching medical VR

In recent years, it has been discovered that the human body has a system that suppresses excessive pain transmission.
Pain is defined as "unpleasant sensations and experiences experienced when bodily injury occurs or is about to occur, or similar unpleasant sensations and experiences (from the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP))" .
It is well known that fear of injury hinders the treatment of chronic pain, making it difficult to reintegrate into society. Under these circumstances, pain relief using VR, which can approach the brain and heart, is attracting attention in the medical field.

Approaching the body from the brain and heart, preventing the vicious cycle of pain

Brain, mind, and body are a trinity. Experiences through medical VR can help you live a better life.

Four mechanisms by which VR affects the brain

By using VR, we can adjust the signal pathway that transmits pain, take an appropriate approach to the cognitive and neural areas related to pain, influence emotions and behavior through entertainment, and improve physical sensations associated with exercise therapy such as rehabilitation. It is known that efforts will be made.

Breaking away from the negative chain of chronic pain

Chronic pain is known to be caused not only by sensory aspects of pain, but also by changes in the brain cortex that are involved in emotional, motivational, and cognitive/evaluative aspects.
Since we predict the occurrence of pain in advance based on our memory of the conditions under which pain will occur, we suppress our actions in an attempt to avoid pain, and a negative chain has been pointed out that promotes a decline in motor function. . Medical VR "SOOTHMATE" is expected to alleviate these pain symptoms.